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3 overlooked financial considerations in a divorce

On Behalf of | May 8, 2024 | DIVORCE - Divorce |

Usually, a major concern for separating spouses is their financial protection and security after the divorce. However, despite this, there are still several financial considerations that divorcing parties often overlook, which can have long-term implications.

Some of these considerations include the following:

1. Tax implications

Some divorce parties focus solely on which properties they will receive or how much spousal support the court will grant them. They sometimes forget or are totally unaware that the division of assets, alimony payments and claiming children as dependents during the divorce can significantly impact their tax obligations and would require active steps to avoid negative tax implications.

2. Cost of living adjustments

With divorce, funds for housing, food and similar living costs that were once pooled from two income sources shift to each party being responsible for their own expenses. The separation will prompt each individual to create a new budget that reflects their post-divorce financial funds and needs. This adjustment can be particularly challenging if one person earned substantially less or was unemployed during the marriage.

3. Insurance updates

Divorced parties should update their health, life, auto and home insurance to reflect their current situation and needs. For instance, an individual may need to find new health insurance coverage if they were previously a dependent under their ex-spouse’s policy. Changes in life insurance beneficiaries, such as the removal of an ex-spouse as beneficiary, may also be necessary if that is the intention of the insured party.

Overcoming divorce obstacles

Divorce involves several aspects and each of those aspects is multifaceted. With that said, it is not uncommon to face challenges along the way, including those that threaten your financial security. Nonetheless, you can overcome these obstacles and minimize negative implications by thoroughly reviewing your case and developing divorce strategies that fit your situation.