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Representation For Domestic Partnerships

Traditional and nontraditional couples who are beginning or ending a domestic partnership can look to our experienced Anchorage family law firm of Eschbacher & Eschbacher for the careful guidance they need.

Are you living with someone you are not married to?

Do you know if you are in a domestic partnership?

Do you know what assets and debts are at risk in a domestic partnership?

Our unique father-son legal team of Gary R. Eschbacher and Justin R. Eschbacher tackle these issues head-on, for your benefit, at the start and conclusion of domestic partnerships. These accomplished legal professionals apply knowledge and wisdom gained from almost 60 years of combined experience — protecting your rights, respecting your wishes, brightening your future.

Family Law Attorneys Committed To Dedicated, Professional And Competent Advocacy

In the practice of law, as well as with the maintenance of any relationship, participants should work hard for the best and be prepared for the worst. Preparations for detailed property division spelled out in a domestic partnership agreement, for example, are purely a practical matter and do not minimize your feelings for one another. Realistic, proactive attention to these matters can minimize ill will and eliminate legal inconveniences in the event that the partnership does not work out.

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