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Facts You Need To Know About Child Support

If you are divorcing and have children who will be affected, you should know about income-based state guidelines that determine appropriate levels of financial support.

Are you paying too much or receiving too little child support? Child support is typically set pursuant to a formula based on custody and income. However, various other factors can impact the calculation.

Your source for the latest child support information during your uncontested, contested or high-asset divorce or custody action is the experienced family law firm of Eschbacher & Eschbacher in Anchorage.

With almost 60 years of experience between them, father-son law partners Gary R. Eschbacher and Justin R. Eschbacher will educate you and set expectations for payers and recipients of support. The proactive guidance you receive comes from our family to yours.

Do You Need To Change Or Enforce An Order?

We are as proud of our quality post-judgment legal services as we are of those provided before and during a divorce. If you feel you have not received enough support or are suddenly paying too much due to a lost job or serious illness, we will field your next question or address any spontaneous concern and help you find a new solution.

When support responsibilities are ignored, overlooked or simply shirked, we can step in to request a court-ordered enforcement of those obligations. This assistance is just one more example of our full-service menu of family law help.

Dedicated, Professional And Competent Advocacy For Any Child Support-Related Legal Issue

At Eschbacher & Eschbacher, our attorneys’ deep belief in the best interests of the child guides our recommendations and shines through in everything we do for you during a divorce. To learn more about the many ways we can be of service, please contact our Alaska lawyers by phone or email to secure an initial consultation. Call 907-276-8001.