Attentive Legal Problem-Solving For Your Alaska Family

Family Law And Domestic Litigation In Alaska

Legal conflicts can drive an emotional wedge between even the most tightknit family. The decision to divorce, child access disagreements that won’t go away, the unwillingness to pay financial support, a fractured domestic partnership — these situations cry out for the steady hand of an experienced family law attorney.

The skillful Alaska lawyers you can trust to protect your family, finances and future are Eschbacher & Eschbacher in Anchorage.

During the almost six decades of our law partners’ combined experience, we have sought to smoothly transition individuals, spouses and the children of divorce to brighter tomorrows. The formula for our success has been a unique combination of legal knowledge, practical advice, tenacious advocacy at trial and a tradition of one-on-one personal service.

Committed To Dedicated, Professional And Competent Advocacy

Attorneys Gary R. Eschbacher and Justin R. Eschbacher handle the full spectrum of domestic legal issues, including:

  • Uncontested, contested and high-asset divorce
  • Child custody and visitation
  • Child support and spousal support
  • Division of marital assets and property
  • Post-judgment modifications of custody and support
  • Resolutions to disputes achieved by mediation, negotiation and litigation
  • Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements
  • Grandparent and stepparent custody and visitation rights
  • Protective orders after domestic violence
  • Paternity issues
  • Challenges faced by domestic partners

If you feel that your voice is not being heard in discussions before, during or after a divorce, our law firm prides itself on the ability to listen. We listen, and learn, and propose remedies that are customized to your specific needs. Learn more about how we can effectively represent you by contacting Eschbacher & Eschbacher to schedule an initial consultation. Reach us in Anchorage by phone at 907-276-8001, or stay at our website to send an email.