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About Eschbacher & Eschbacher

At Eschbacher & Eschbacher in Anchorage, we are proud to offer the services of our skilled father-son team of attorneys. Our lawyers have more than 60 combined years of experience in family law and real estate law statewide. Learn about their unique qualifications by clicking on their profile links here:

Our Caring and Dedicated Staff

We also invite you to meet our dedicated staff:

Dedicated, Professional And Competent Advocacy

Before you consider retaining us as your attorneys for an important contested divorce matter or real estate transaction, you should know this about us. As lawyers and as human beings, we are:

  • Caring and compassionate
  • Accomplished and attentive
  • Respected and responsive
  • Talented at negotiations and tenacious at trial
  • Dedicated to brighter futures for you and your Alaska family

We think you will be impressed by our vigor and versatility, as we strive for solutions to your problems.

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Right now, at this difficult time in your life, you may just need someone to talk to. Or you may have explicit wishes and concrete goals to discuss. Whatever your frame of mind, we welcome the opportunity to speak with you, candidly and confidentially, during an initial consultation at our Eschbacher & Eschbacher law offices. To arrange this critical first meeting, please call 907-276-8001 or remain at our website to reach us by email.