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Getting started with a child support request

On Behalf of | Apr 7, 2024 | Family Law |

After a divorce or separation in Alaska, one parent is often ordered to pay child support to the other parent. This money usually goes to the parent with primary custody of the child. The funds can be used to help the primary parent pay for food, housing, clothing, and other things the child needs. But child support isn’t automatic if one doesn’t take the steps needed to have that order put into place officially. Getting started with the child support request promptly can help one get the funds needed to care for their child.  

Requesting child support 

Alaska’s Child Support Enforcement Division, or CSED, can help one with getting a support order in place. Once the application is filed, the amount of child support will be calculated based on the earnings of the noncustodial parent. If parents share custody, both incomes will determine who pays child support and how much will be paid each month.  

A child support order will also require one parent to provide medical support through an employer-provided health insurance program or other group health insurance. If the other party gets remarried and has children with a new spouse, this doesn’t eliminate their responsibility to pay child support. Only in circumstances of poor health or significant changes to one’s earning potential will child support be modified.  

Legal advice when seeking child support 

Matters involving the care of children after a separation or divorce can come with strong emotional reactions from both sides. The person ordered to pay child support may feel they are paying too much while the parent receiving support may believe it’s not enough. Alaskans who need help negotiating child support matters can benefit from working with a family law attorney.