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Child custody and domestic violence

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2024 | FAMILY LAW - Child Custody |

There are many factors an Alaskan family court considers when determining child custody. Domestic violence is one factor that can greatly impact one’s co-parenting schedule. After a divorce, the court’s primary goal is to do what is best for the children, which means not exposing them to violence in the home. Those who are divorcing after a domestic violence situation should be aware of how that can impact a child custody order.  

Keeping children safe 

When one spouse is accused of domestic violence against the other before or during a divorce, those accusations can affect how the accused is allowed to contact their minor children. Understandably, the accuser may wish to seek an order of protection, which may prevent the other party from contacting the children. Once the domestic violence case is resolved, the outcome of that case will likely affect the outcome of the child custody order. 

When a parent is accused of domestic violence, they may be required to attend an anger management program, parenting classes, or domestic violence counseling before they are allowed to see their children. The accused may be required to have supervised visits with their children until the case is resolved. Both parties must remember that the goal is to put the children’s needs first.  

Where to turn for help 

Domestic violence makes an already difficult situation, a divorce, much harder when minor children are involved. Divorcing after domestic violence can leave one feeling fearful about the well-being of one’s children. Alaska residents who are preparing for divorce can benefit from working with an attorney with knowledge of child custody matters.