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Receiving and sending child support payments

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2024 | FAMILY LAW - Family Law |

When parents separate or divorce in Alaska, one parent is usually required to pay child support to the other. Child support helps the parent with primary custody afford to care for the child and is intended to ensure that both parents offer financial support to their child. Those who are new to the child support system may have questions about how making and receiving payments works. Fortunately, the state has a system in place that makes the process quite easy. 

Making and receiving payments 

The parent who receives child support payments may choose to have those payments deposited directly into their bank account. One may also wish to have child support payments loaded directly onto a prepaid debit card provided by the Child Support Enforcement Division, or CSED. To choose which method one wishes to use, one can log onto the CSED website to set up one’s account before child support payments begin. 

Payment of child support is also facilitated through the CSED website. The payer may pay online using a bank account or credit card. The payer also has the option to send a paper check to the CSED office in Anchorage or make in-person payments at the Child Support Office window during business hours. If payments are not paid as ordered, one’s wages may be garnished to cover what is owed. 

Seek advice when negotiating child support 

Child support is important in helping the primary parent care for a child’s needs. If parents can’t agree on a child support payment plan, the court will intervene. Alaska parents who have questions or concerns about child support can consult with a family law attorney to get the answers they need.