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Can one file for divorce during pregnancy?

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2024 | DIVORCE - Divorce |

Divorce does not always come at a convenient time and many Alaskans find themselves dealing with difficult life circumstances when choosing to divorce. Pregnancy, while often a happy event, can cause some people who are in difficult marriages to question whether divorce is the right choice. Facing a divorce while one party is pregnant can be challenging, but it is possible to get divorced during pregnancy. It may add some complications to an already stressful process, but some couples find that divorcing is best for everyone involved, even during pregnancy. 

Filing for divorce during pregnancy 

One of the main concerns of divorcing during pregnancy is doing what is best for the unborn child. Paternity will likely need to be established as soon as possible after birth so that custody and child support matters can be dealt with. Generally, one can file for divorce while pregnant, but those child-related matters will be dealt with after the birth of the baby. 

When both parents agree to the divorce, they can file a joint motion for divorce. Otherwise, one party will be responsible for filing if the other party does not agree. An amicable divorce, while not always possible, can create a situation where both parties can put the divorce behind them and focus on the needs of the child.  

Seek help during divorce 

Divorcing when there are minor children involved comes with many choices that must be made. Parents must come up with a plan for custody and child support so that the child is cared for in a way that benefits them most. Alaska parents who are ready to file for divorce can benefit from working with someone knowledgeable in family law cases.