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How to co-parent with a difficult ex

On Behalf of | Jan 29, 2024 | FAMILY LAW - Child Custody |

Many divorces in Alaska end on bad terms that can create challenges when co-parenting. While both parties may not get along with each other, they must still find a way to help their children adapt to life after their parents’ divorce. Co-parenting with a difficult ex will not be easy, but one must remember that doing what’s right for the children is the most important thing for a parent to focus on after divorce. 

Communication and cooperation  

Communicating with an ex that one doesn’t get along with can seem impossible, but when co-parenting, there must be some form of communication between the parents. Some choose to use text or email, which can prevent misunderstandings and reduce arguments. If there is an issue or concern, it’s best to communicate that issue based on the facts without being accusatory or showing anger.  

A healthy co-parenting relationship begins with a detailed schedule in writing. Having everything written down allows both parents to have realistic expectations about their parenting time. When co-parenting, it’s important to never put the children in the middle and to shield them from adult issues when possible. Children do well when they see that their parents are working together to provide two stable and loving homes after divorce.  

Determining a co-parenting plan 

When leaving a contentious marriage, one may struggle with making the best decisions for themselves and their children. Dealing with a difficult ex can make an already challenging situation much worse. Alaska residents can benefit from working with an attorney when creating a co-parenting plan, so they understand the laws and can make the right choices based on the circumstances.