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Divorce therapy can be beneficial

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2024 | DIVORCE - Divorce |

When someone goes through a divorce, they may experience many emotions. When a marriage is especially unhappy, one may feel relieved and hopeful. But even when one feels relieved that the marriage is over, feelings of grief are common simply because of the life changes that inevitably happen after a divorce. Alaskans who are struggling with their emotions after divorce may wish to seek therapy or counseling to find a way to heal after such a difficult time.

Divorce therapy

Divorce therapy can be one-on-one or in a group setting. Group therapy can allow one to talk to others who have been through similar circumstances to gain insight on how best to move forward. A therapy session can allow one to speak candidly to a neutral third party about issues that are often difficult to discuss with one’s friends or family.

Parents who have recently divorced may find that their children can also benefit from therapy. Family therapy sessions can help children speak up about divorce in an environment where they feel safe. Family therapy provides both parents and children with the tools they need to work through common post-divorce emotions like anger, abandonment, sadness, and grief.

Legal help is available

Divorce is an emotional time in one’s life, but it’s important not to forget that it’s a complicated legal matter. When one divorces in Alaska, one must work out terms for matters like spousal support, child custody, and asset division. Each of these matters can mean considerate changes for one’s future. By working with an experienced family law attorney, one can have the guidance needed to make the right decisions based on the circumstances.