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Understanding the steps in filing for divorce

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It’s not uncommon for Alaskans who are in an unhappy marriage to struggle with making the decision to divorce. This is especially true if the couple has children. Worries about financial issues, wondering if it’s the best thing for the children, and the fear of change can leave one feeling indecisive about divorce. Plus, going through a divorce is not an easy process and making such a life-changing decision can be intimidating. By understanding more about divorce, individuals can prepare themselves for the often lengthy and difficult process.

How divorce works

Some people aren’t aware of the differences between a dissolution of marriage and a divorce. If both parties can agree on divorce terms, it’s called a dissolution, where both parties file together. Divorce happens when one party files alone. When both parties agree on divorce terms, which is called uncontested, the process can go by more quickly. Otherwise, both parties may be required to present evidence in court during negotiations.

If one-party files the necessary paperwork, the other party cannot prevent the divorce. When a couple has children, they may be required to attend parenting classes depending on the circumstances. Couples who divorce with minor children will have to negotiate a co-parenting schedule and one party may be ordered to be child support to the other.

Legal assistance can be invaluable

A divorce or dissolution of marriage can bring about many changes in one’s life. Those who have made the decision to pursue either can benefit from working with an attorney. Like all states, Alaska has specific guidelines for divorce and an attorney can provide assistance to help one meet those guidelines.