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Tips for co-parenting through the holidays

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2023 | Family Law |

The holidays can be a difficult time for Alaskan families after a divorce. Both parents usually want to spend those special days with their children, but when sharing custody, plans must be adjusted. Parents are wise to remember that children often struggle with changes after their parents’ divorce. It’s beneficial if both parties work together in creating a holiday custody schedule that helps their children enjoy the season with minimal stress.

A custody agreement should be detailed

When creating a child custody schedule after a divorce, there are several ways to handle the holidays. Some parents choose to alternate from year to year, allowing the kids to spend the holidays with each parent every other year. The other parent can still celebrate with the kids on another day. In some cases, one parent may put a higher value on certain holidays, which allows for negotiations based on those preferences.

The most important thing about a holiday custody schedule is details. If one parent plans to travel with the children on or around the holidays, that should be in the schedule. In cases where the parents had an amicable split, flexibility can allow for last-minute changes as long as both parties agree on those changes.

Seek help when dealing with custody concerns

Deciding which parent gets time with the children on important holidays and other special events can be an emotional process. Understandably, both parents want to share these special days with their children. The key to a successful child custody agreement is compromise and putting the children’s needs first. Alaskan parents can benefit from consulting an attorney when creating a custody schedule to be sure everything is covered and to ensure that both parties are on the same page.