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How to find hidden assets during divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2023 | DIVORCE - Divorce |

When one is facing divorce, negotiating asset division often leads to contention, especially if one party is attempting to hide assets. All assets must be considered in an Alaskan divorce and hiding assets is not legal. If one party suspects that the other party is hiding assets, they may need to do some research to find those assets so that they are split legally based on the divorce laws in the state.  

Hidden assets are a problem 

There are several ways one may go about hiding assets during divorce. Some may choose to hide their assets by purchasing cryptocurrency. These digital assets can be hard to trace but it is possible to find them with some sleuthing. Another method of hiding assets is opening accounts in their spouse’s name without the spouse’s knowledge.  

Some red flags may indicate one’s spouse is hiding assets. If they suddenly become nervous or act secretive when discussing money, they may have something to hide. If one spouse has significantly more control over the couple’s finances, it can be easier for them to hide assets. As the divorce approaches, they may become even more controlling, preventing the other party from accessing the couple’s financial information.  

Help is available 

Anyone going through a divorce in Alaska can benefit from working with a family law attorney. If one suspects that their spouse is hiding assets, an attorney can guide how best to locate those assets. Working with an attorney can also help one understand how best to make the necessary decisions to get through the divorce process and move on with one’s life.