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Practice areas

Eschbacher Law emphasizes in Domestic Litigation, Divorce, Custody, Real Estate & Domestic Partnership

For legal services in Anchorage, AK, you can trust our law team to work their hardest to provide quality support and service every time. At Eschbacher Law, we have a reputation for providing reliable, efficient and affordable legal services. 

Litigation services/ Divorce/ Domestic Partnership/ Custody/Grandparents Rights

At Eschbacher Law, we provide a vast array of legal services to clients in need of representation from attorneys they can trust. Since the inception of our law firm, it has been our mission to offer our clients assistance with challenging legal matters. We know that when our clients are facing legal issues, they may feel stressed or uncertain and simply need guidance and support to resolve the matters at hand. We practice in the following areas:
  • Divorce/Custody Litigation 
  • Domestic Partnership Litigation 
  • Business Partnership Litigation   
  • Grandparents Rights
Many grandparents play an integral role in raising their grandchildren, either out of choice or necessity. Thousands of grandparents seek to retain legal custody or establish legal visitation rights with their grandchildren under a variety of circumstances. We understand the important role grandparents play in their grandchildren’s lives. Give our experienced attorneys a call so that we can guide you in the right direction.

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Legal advice

If you’re looking to obtain general legal advice, we encourage you to take the time to set up an initial consultation with our firm in Anchorage. During that meeting, we’ll take the time to get to know you and understand the legal struggles you’re facing. Should your situation require further legal measures, we’ll be happy to offer you counsel and assistance until the matter is resolved.

Call Eschbacher Law today to set up your in-person consultation with one of our attorneys, and remember: We’re here to help.

Real estate disputes

If you are involved in a dispute over the sale of real estate, you want an experienced attorney to protect your rights. There are laws in Alaska that place absolute duties on sellers to disclose known defects. Whether you are the buyer or the seller in a disputed transaction, you want a lawyer who knows and understands the law, and who has helped others in situations like yours.
We focus our real estate practice on disputes that arise out of real estate transactions. We represent sellers and buyers, handling cases involving allegations of:
  • Breach of contract 
  • Failure to provide proper disclosures under state or federal law 
  • Misrepresentation 
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